Our Services

Aster IT Solutions is full service web design and development company supported by proven SEO and online marketing services to help your business achieve its goals. Our talented team of professionals delivers beautiful designs, smart technologies and creative marketing solutions at a cost effective price. Every project we undertake gets fresh perspective backed by our proven experience and vast knowledge.

Who Are Our Customers?

Online Startups & Businesses:

Companies where web application technology is core to their business model and value-generating asset. Some examples include: online tools and SaaS solutions, online services offering data collection & processing, workflow management and information publishing, like online stores, media outlets, etc.

Service Providers (Agencies/Professionals):

Businesses offering technology tools as core solution to serve their own customers, such as advertising and marketing agencies, consulting agencies, medical services, financial services and other professional service providers.

Offline: Small & Medium Scale Businesses:

Businesses in need to offer web applications to their customers to be able to stand out of the competition:

- Selling products/services online - take business functions online - providing added business value to their customer by offering more online interaction options - expanding and extending their market reach.


Companies requiring line-of-business applications built from scratch, refactoring or improvement, as well as implementing efficiencies and business process automation.